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Read how to pick a roller  

How to Pick a Roller

For best results, consider the three equal parts of a paint project: Colour, Paint Product and Application. Some argue that application is... (Read more)
preparing to install laminate flooring  

Preparing to Install Laminate Flooring

Are you ready to give your home a fresh new look with laminate flooring? This guide will help you prep for the... (Read more)
choosing paint colors by using sample paints  

Choosing Paint Colours

Choosing paint colours for your home can feel daunting, especially when you have over 3,500 gorgeous Benjamin Moore colours to... (Read more)
a benjamin moore top green colour in room  

Benjamin Moore Paint Colours – Top Greens

Despite the opinion of a certain famous frog, green doesn’t have to be hard. When it comes to painting your home, using... (Read more)
room painted in benjamin moore pink paint  

Benjamin Moore Paint Colours – Top Pinks

Valentine’s Day can make you feel warm in the coldest month of the year, and the perfect pink paint colour can make... (Read more)

Better Brush. Better Results. What’s Nylyn?

If you’ve seen one paint brush, you’ve seen them all right? Wrong! It turns out, you can reinvent the wheel, build a... (Read more)