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how to stain deck  

How To Stain Your Deck

Staining your deck is a simple and rewarding DIY project that can reimagine the existing beauty of your exterior. Follow these easy... (Read more)

How to Prep a Deck for Staining

Don’t give up on your deck! No matter how dull and grey, no matter how many layers are peeling... (Read more)

Caring for and Maintaining Laminate Flooring—A How To

The do's and don'ts for cleaning and maintaining laminate flooring.... (Read more)

Better Brush. Better Results. What’s Nylyn?

If you’ve seen one paint brush, you’ve seen them all right? Wrong! It turns out, you can reinvent the wheel, build a... (Read more)

AC Rating: A Laminate’s Durability Score

A laminate is made of many layers, but it’s the ‘wear layer’ at the very top that takes the direct hits, from... (Read more)
Close up of hand holding paint roller in paint tray, Grey wall background  

Paint Roller Rules: Understand “Fluffiness” For Best Results

For best results, consider the three equal parts of a paint project: Colour, Paint Product and Application. Some argue that application is... (Read more)
Image of bedroom with sheerluxe blinds  

Why We Love Sheer Horizontal Shades

The sheer fabric construction of Horizontal Shades means you can enjoy the sunlight... (Read more)