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bank on ben®

If you name something after yourself, you must really believe in it! Benjamin Moore is known the world... (Read more)
Read how to pick a roller  

How to Pick a Roller

For best results, consider the three equal parts of a paint project: Colour, Paint Product and Application. Some argue that application is... (Read more)

How to Paint a Ceiling

Feel like you’re in over your head with painting a ceiling? Don’t worry. Our paint shop experts have put together a handy... (Read more)
window with painted trim  

How to Paint Trim

A room is not complete until the trim is done! It is the final step in any interior painting... (Read more)
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A Better Paint Brush

If you’ve seen one paint brush, you’ve seen them all right? Wrong! It turns out, you can reinvent the wheel, build a... (Read more)