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Choosing Paint Colours the Easy Way

Colours Samples: Your Ticket to Confident Painting

Choosing paint colours for your home is a big decision, and with over 3,500 stunning Benjamin Moore colours to choose from, the task can be overwhelming. However, there’s a solution that takes the guesswork out of painting – Benjamin Moore’s 236ml Colour Samples. These little wonders allow you to try before you buy, ensuring that you make a confident and informed decision for your space.


Why Try Before You Pick Your Paint Colour?

While painting is a fantastic and cost-effective way to refresh a room, the wrong colour choice can lead to disappointment. A swatch that looks perfect in-store might not have the same allure in your own home. Here’s where Colour Samples come to the rescue.

Check the Lighting

The primary factor influencing how colours appear on your walls is lighting. The number of windows, the room’s orientation (north or south-facing), the type of lighting (overhead or lamps), and the choice of lightbulbs – all these factors play a role in how a colour will look in your space.


Tip from an Expert

Applying a paint sample to your room is an excellent way to find the perfect colour but to really see how it will look make it portable. Paint Shop’s own colour expert, Calvin Smith from our Topsail Road store, shares a valuable tip: “The best way to observe a colour sample in different lighting is to apply it to a white piece of Bristol board. This way, you can move the sample around the room and take your time to assess how the colours and sheens look at any time of day or night and in different lighting conditions.”

Just like test-driving a car before making a purchase, taking your chosen colour for a spin in your space is a smart move. Consult with our Experts to discover how Colour Samples offer an affordable and practical way to ensure you’ve found the perfect colour before committing to a larger quantity.

Visit Your Local Paint Shop Today

Ready to embark on your painting journey with confidence? Drop by a Paint Shop near you. Our Experts are eager to assist you in navigating the extensive colour palette and making your painting experience as painless as possible. Don’t let the fear of choosing the wrong colour hold you back – try before you buy with Benjamin Moore Colour Samples and transform your space with confidence.