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Each year we receive hundreds of donation and sponsorship requests from organizations in the communities we serve. While we do budget a generous amount to support these worthy causes, we carefully consider each one to ensure they align with Paint Shops philanthropic strategy.

As such, we are committed to helping, community sports arenas, community beautification, and the arts through product donations, sponsorships and financial support.

Donation and sponsorship requests are reviewed twice a month. Please submit your request with as much notice as possible. Only donation requests made via this page will be considered.

Please help us determine how your request helps one (or more) of these identified groups.

Community Sports Arenas: We believe in promoting the physical and emotional development of young people through sports. We will support facilities, leagues, and organizations that offer a safe and constructive environment for children to learn and grow.

Community Beautification: We are committed to enhancing the aesthetics and functionality of the communities we serve by donating products to projects that focus on beautifying public spaces, parks, and neighborhoods.  The installation of murals is of particular interest.

Arts Community: We value the arts as a means of self-expression and community enrichment. We will support artistic endeavors through product donations to local arts organizations and educational programs that foster creativity and cultural enrichment.

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    Please upload any pertinent documentation here, including donation and sponsor letters or information regarding your organization and/or event.

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    *Please note: While your request may appear to meet our various funding criteria, we are unable to approve all applications due to the high volume of submissions we receive. We commit to responding to each request within 2 weeks of receiving the application.

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