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Regal—Paint for Real Life

At Paint Shop, we love walking into a newly painted house where everything seems fresh, clean, and full of possibilities. What if we told you there is a paint you can use so you can hold on to that feeling for years to come? When a house is actually lived in, scuffs, spills, and slightly damaged walls are bound to happen, but when you use Benjamin Moore Regal Select paint, they’re all taken care of in a matter of minutes.

Once you’ve tried Regal, and see the Gennex Colour TechnologyTM at work, it will be hard to go back to just “any old paint.”


#1. Incredible Coverage

Regal’s smooth, thick coat ensures excellent coverage in fewer coats than the average brand. That means fewer gallons in your shopping cart and a faster finishing time. Reclaim your weekend and your wallet!

We tried Regal the last time we painted our living room. We opted for a much lighter colour than what was originally there and were worried about coverage. We did the entire room in just two coats saving us a lot of time not having to do a third coat!  Plus it was really easy to paint with! – John Isenor, Halifax, NS

#2. Ultra-Scrubbable

Regal Eggshell is super tough and has the perfect sheen for wiping up messes. Equipped with Benjamin Moore’s stain-release technology, even spaghetti on white walls is easy to clean.

With three active kids and one large Labradoodle, the house can take a beating and we just don’t have time to repaint. We find we can just wipe up day-to-day messes off the walls with Regal with minimal effort, extending the life of our paint job. – Heather Robbins, Gander, NL

Regal Select Ulti-Matte Can

Fav Product: Regal Ulti-Matte

#3. Invisible Touch-ups

Only Regal is available in Benjamin Moores’ luscious Ulti-Matte finish which is a welcome relief when you need to touch-up areas. Touch-ups can be frustrating when the repainted area becomes more noticeable than the original. But with Regal Ulti-Matte – boot scuffs and fingerprints are easily covered, and your touch-up will disappear seamlessly. This means longer times between pulling out the ladder, cutting in, and painting the entire room.


When prepping my house for selling, Regal Select’s invisible touch-ups allowed me to repaint only the scuff marks, dings etc. instead of repainting a whole wall.  Made the staging much faster, easier and less messier! – Bernice Clarke, St. John’s, NL

So, if you are building or renovating and want to truly enjoy your space without stressing over unsightly imperfections, it’s Regal for Real Life!

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