Vertical Blinds

Blinds & Shades

What Are They?

Vertical vanes (or slats) pivot to maximize light and minimize attention through large window or doors. Slats stack left or right, or from the centre outward, to accommodate various set ups and traffic flow requirements. 

Where Do They Work Best?

  • Great for sliding glass doors and large window expanses (frequent in condominiums and apartments)

Why Are They a Great Choice?

  • Vertical Blinds maximize light into a room, while minimizing the view out of large windows or doors
  • Add clean, sleek, tailored lines with tall vertical slats in your choice of fabric or PVC
  • Will blend seamlessly into any décor with over 300 fashionable patterns, textures and colours

Bonus Options

  • Motorized tilt
  • Wand control for tilting vanes and opening/closing


Minimal maintenance required. Fabric vanes can be wiped with a damp cloth or lightly vacuumed.