Ultra Spec Solid Stain


can of ultra spec solid stain

Available In
• 3.79L

Tintable in 3,500+ Colours

For when you need…
…to enhance the beauty of exterior wood surfaces with value pricing in mind.

Best for…
• Exterior surfaces such as new or previously painted wood, hardboard, fiber cement, masonry, and unglazed brick.

What makes it great?
• Quality acrylic latex stain with a rustic flat finish
• Excellent hiding and adhesion
• Specially formulated to resist mildew growth on the stain film
• Resistant to blistering
• Soap and water clean up
• Fade-resistant
• Easy application
• Compatible with Gennex® colorants, available in most Benjamin Moore Colours
• Breathable surface for maximum durability

Technical Data Sheets
TDS Ultra Spec (solid)