Aura Exterior Paint


Available In
• Flat, Low Lustre, Satin & Semi-Gloss Finishes 946ml, 3.79L

For when you need…
…the ultimate in performance for rich, full colour and unprecedented durability.

Best for…
• Exterior wood, fibre cement board, hardboard, vinyl and aluminum siding, shakes, unglazed brick, concrete, stucco, cinder block and primed metal

What makes it great?
• Extreme hide and coverage
• Colour Lock technology for exceptional colour
• Superior fade resistance
Lifetime Warranty
• Low-temperature application
• Superior adhesion
• Excellent resistance to paint deterioration
• Durable, long-lasting finish
• Easy to apply with brush, roller or spray
• Soap-and-water cleanup
• Fast dry and re-coat times
• Resists cracking, peeling, blistering and dirt
• Mildew resistant
• Self-priming in most situations

Technical Data Sheet
TDS – Aura (Flat)