Why Choose Silks Paint?

Learn more about Silks, a durable, quality paint with the ability to hide imperfections while being easy to apply. It also happens... (Read more)
Calvin Smith

Calvin Smith

Calvin has been with The Paint Shop since the doors first opened in 1978. His extensive paint knowledge makes him the go-to guy for any project. Visit Calvin at Topsail Road, St. John's.
Calvin Smith

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    Choosing Vinyl Safe Colours for your Vinyl Covered Home

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    Outdoor Furniture Makeovers: A How To

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    Protip Basics: Top 5 Painting Tips

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    Sherrie Winsor

    Sherrie Winsor

    Sherrie is a resident Interior Decorator at the Torbay Road Paint Shop in St. John's. Drop by or book time with Sherrie for professional colour and decor advice.
    Sherrie Winsor

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      AC Rating: A Laminate’s Durability Score

      A laminate is made of many layers, but it’s the ‘wear layer’ at the very top that takes the direct hits, from... (Read more)

      Makeover Time? Where to Start

      Decorator Rebecca Dart answers customers' most frequently asked question: when (re) decorating, where is the best place to start?... (Read more)
      Rebecca Dart

      Rebecca Dart

      Rebecca has been creating inspired homes for over a decade and specializes in window treatments. Visit her at 445 Torbay Road.
      Rebecca Dart

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        Let the Sun Shine In: Light Control Window Fabric Options

        As much as we crave it, direct sunlight is dangerous to our décor, making floors and ... (Read more)