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Why We Love Sheer Horizontal Shades

Transitioning Day to Night

Sheer Fabric for Daytime Privacy
The sheer fabric construction of Horizontal Shades means you can enjoy the sunlight without losing daytime privacy or exposing your home’s décor to harmful UV rays. Light is warmly diffused through the sheer, adding elegance as well as practical protection.

Vanes for Nighttime Privacy
Soft horizontal vanes within the sheer fabric add another layer of privacy for after dark. When open during the day, they allow a full view that’s shielded by the sheer fabric. Closed, they provide complete privacy.

BONUS Daytime Privacy Tip
A Top Down Bottom Up option is another way to enjoy the view and your privacy too, available in select styles such as Cellular Shades. The bottom can be drawn fully closed to hide the room’s activities, while the top can be lowered to just above eye level (or whatever your preference) to crop the view while letting in the light.