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Think Big: A Whiteboard on Any Surface, in Any Colour

From kindergarten to high school, teachers are always looking to create dynamic and engaging spaces for their students. Benjamin Moore Notable Dry Erase Paint is perfect for transforming existing classroom furniture and other surfaces into a space for students to collaborate, design, problem-solve, and express themselves. With Notable, students can colour outside the lines and move beyond the limitations of their notebook. At the end of the day, you simply erase and start fresh with a blank slate.

Notable comes in White and Clear.

More Notable Hacks for Your School:

  • Classroom calendar
  • Notable wall for collaborative murals
  • Classroom doors for quick news, reminders, and ‘exam in progress’ notices
  • Bathroom stall doors to prevent permanent graffiti
  • Paint name spaces on cubby bins and lockers
  • Group collaboration table
  • Cafeteria menu board
  • Make your own whiteboard from virtually any surface
  • Use magnetic paint under Notable to create a magnetic dry erase surface

Students Work on Notable Desks and Walls at Paradise Elementary School