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We’re Giving Away Free Paint Each Friday in November!

It’s not a gimmick. There’s no catch. You really can walk into a Paint Shop store each Friday in November, get your can of free Benjamin Moore paint (regularly $8.99), and leave without buying anything else. Now, let’s not kid ourselves here. Of course we’d love it if you bought something else, like a 4-inch roller kit. Why the small kit? Because it’s a small can! It’s enough to see if you like the colour, but not enough to paint a whole wall. Unless it’s a small wall and you come back every Friday to get a free can of the same colour. But please don’t do that.

So why would we bother giving away paint that is, admittedly, too small to do anything significant with? Because we’re serious about paint and doing the job right.

Get your helmet on, we’re about to drop a knowledge bomb.

When choosing a colour for a wall, seeing the colour in the room is essential. The type of light (LED, fluorescent, incandescent, sunlight), the colour of the floor, and the colour of the furniture all affect how a wall colour is perceived. Let’s say you have a blue wall and a red carpet. The bottom of the wall is going to look purple because of the reflection from the floor. Holding a paint chip up to the wall isn’t going to reveal this sort of thing.

This is why we have sample cans. By painting a section of your wall, you’ll see how the colour looks on your wall and how your room affects that colour. Yes, it’s more work than just choosing a colour and going for it but if, like us, you’re serious about colour – and getting it right – this is the way to do it.

Stop by your local Paint Shop and we’ll help you make your home your favourite place to be.