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Seamless Ceilings with Pro Stretch

Finishing a room with decorative moulding really is worth the extra effort. Baseboard, window or ceiling trim gives something for your fresh coat of colour to pop against. Crown moulding has the added benefit of drawing the attention upward, creating both height and length as your eye follows the line.

However, it’s less fun to watch the corners crack and separate over time as the home continues to settle. Or, in older homes where there is rarely a right angle to begin with, even the finest of carpenters may find themselves with an “oops” to fill at the outset, or a new crack forming within days.

ProStretch caulking, new to The Paint Shop, eliminates all of these frustrations. The best on the market,  ProStretch doesn’t crack – it stretches. ProStretch offers a whopping 800% elongation and 50% total joint movement, meaning it’s prepared for the task. It will shift and settle with your home to reduce the pressure and friction that results in cracking.

Here are a few other reasons why we love our ProStretch:

  1. While ideal for crown mouldings and trim, Pro Stretch also bonds to metal, glass and vinyl.
  2. Pro Stretch can fill gaps up to 2” wide and is easily painted, making problem areas disappear.
  3. It’s internally plasticized, so no yellowing, no “shiners” and no discolouration.
  4. It’s a one-component system in a single tube, where many other adhesives require mixing of multiple parts to achieve such high adhesion.
  5. It forms an airtight, mildew resistant seal for any interior or exterior caulking need.

So no need to crack-up over moulding maintenance. Just start with a tube of ProStretch, and things will start looking up!