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Protip Basics: Top 5 Painting Tips

Here are just a few simple steps that will make all the difference for best results and a pain-free paint project.

1. Rinse New Rollers

Rinse new rollers, rubbing off any loose fibres and factory dust that will come loose into your first coat. This is known as conditioning. Just running your hand up and down the roller a few times before you start will make a big difference.

2. Drop & Cover

Invest in a good dropcloth to stop mess in its tracks. You’ll never regret the time you spend cover furniture and fixtures. Remove all switch plates and try a sandwich baggie taped over doorknobs, for good measure.

3. Choose the Order of Operations

We recommend painting the ceiling first. Then, walls. Then, trim. Some painters like to paint trim before walls, since trim can be easily protected with tape. Others prefer painting walls before trim, knowing that paint spatter will inevitably require trim touch ups.

4. One Wall at a Time

Paint one wall at a time, cutting in and then rolling on before starting in on the next. This ensures a seamless finish with all wet edges bonding and drying together. If there isn’t someone coming directly behind you with a roller, “feather” or soften the outer edge of your cut-in line, by spreading the paint thinner into the unpainted areas. This will create a more seamless join when the roller does come by.

5. Hang to Dry

Always hang brushes and rollers to dry, rather than crushing their shape or trapping water. A paint brush handle has a hole for this reason. Hang rollers to dry with a rope or dowel hung clothesline style. Invest in good applicators, and take good care of them so they’ll last.


Always paint the inside of your closets the same as your trim. Then you can skip the closet the next time you want to change your wall colour.