Texcrete Concrete Coatings

Industrial CoatingsINSL-X & Coronado Specialty Coatings

For when you need…

… a concrete water proofer with outstanding durability and aesthetic considerations.

Best for…

  • Tilt-up concrete, pre-cast concrete, stucco, Exterior Finish Insulation Systems (EFIS), Concrete Masonry Units (CMU) and other vertical masonry surfaces

What makes it great?

  • Direct to concrete application (no priming or filling required)
  • Prevents water penetration of above-grade masonry and concrete structures
  • Breathable, high-build form allows moisture vapour to pass through without blistering
  • Mildew resistant finish
  • High PH-resilient, which minimizes curing time

Available In

  • Three textures – smooth, sand and medium

  • 32 colour choices

  • 3.79L