Pleated Shades

Blinds & Shades

Only Available from Graber and Hunter Douglas.

What Are They?

Pleated Shades are similar in look to Horizontal Blinds, yet made of durable fabric folded accordion style, like a paper fan placed horizontally in the window.

Where Do They Work Best?

  • Living Rooms, Dining Rooms, Dens

Why Are They a Great Choice?

  • Pleated Shades add style, sophistication and literal warmth to any room
  • Lightweight and stack up out of sight for full sun exposure when desired
  • Available in sheer, semi-private, private, room-darkening and energy efficient fabrics, which are also mould and mildew resistant.
  • Additional room-darkening and privacy liners also available

Bonus Options

  • Top Down Bottom Up: Shade can be lowered from the top and raised from the bottom
  • Cordless: Clean look and enhanced safety for children and pets
  • Automation: Schedule your blinds to open and close remotely, giving the appearance that someone is home
  • App: Control from your smartphone


Dusting or light vacuuming is all that is required.