INSL-X Fire Retardant Paint

INSL-X & Coronado Specialty Coatings

For when you need…

…a latex coating that minimizes flame spread and smoke development, yet is applied like a conventional latex flat paint.

Best for…

  • Interior use such as primed or previously painted wood, drywall, cellulose tile, cured plaster, masonry & metal

What makes it great?

  • High-hiding matte finish
  • Reacts to heat by forming a thick cellular char blanket
  • Reduces excessive heat penetration
  • Soap and water clean up
  • Low VOC (low odour)

Available In

  • White flat finish, can be tinted to light/off-white shades – 3.79L, 18.9L

Technical Data Sheets

TDS – INSL-X Fire Retardant