Cottage Paint

DIY & Furniture

For when you need…

…a pop of colour in an impressive, easy-to-achieve furniture finish.

Best for…

  • Upcycling old furniture to a vintage, time-worn look.
  • Dressers, cabinets and hutches, tables, chairs, home accents, with tons of colours to choose from!

What makes it great?

  • No prep: No priming, sanding or stripping required (Unless the surface has an old finish that may bleed when painted; then Stain Blocker should be used before painting)
  • Excellent Coverage: One-coat coverage with most colors and on most surfaces
  • Durable: clay chalk paint which creates a flat chalky and aged finish
  • Great adhesive properties and is easy to apply
  • Easily distresses for a vintage appearance

Available In

  • 8 oz. and 15 oz. pot

  • 58 colours

  • Wax: Beeswax Soft

  • 3 Varnishes: Flat, Low Luster, Satin

  • Image Transfer and Crackle Mediums available


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