Aura Paint and Primer in One

Wall & Trim

 For when you need…

…the ultimate in performance and colour vitality.

Best for…

  • rich colours

  • living rooms

  • dining rooms

  • bedrooms

  • foyers

  • kitchens

  • hallways

What makes it great?

  • The finest paint available
  • Proprietary Colour Lock™ technology for richer, truer colours
  • Extreme hide: covers dark colours and never requires more than two coats
  • Self-levelling finish for unsurpassed smoothness
  • Dries quickly (recoat in 1-2 hours)

Available In

  • Wall and Trim Paint, Bath and Spa Paint – 946ml, 3.79L

Technical Data Sheets

TDS – Aura (Flat)

TDS – Aura (Matte)

TDS – Aura (Satin)

TDS – Aura Bath & Spa


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