Exterior Door Paint

Refreshing your front door with a coat of new paint is a great way to make a lasting first impression. Your front door is “the window to your home” – the style, color and overall presentation reflects not only your overall home style but also your personal lifestyle!

Whether vibrant or calm, adding a statement color to the front door is an easy way to uplift the façade of a home, while also complementing the architecture and surrounding landscape.

Using vibrant colors – red/yellow/orange – on your front door makes a warm inviting statement and these options work well with a home’s main exterior of neutral shades. Natural cool shades of green and blue are a naturally gracious expression and complement a home’s exterior warm tones.

When considering your ideal choice for your entrance, you can also take your color cues from the interior of your home. Consider the colors of the space that your door will open into – select a shade that continues your interior flow or one that provides a deep rich complement.

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Popular Front Door Colours