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Inspired by First Light

Mornings like this are why people make gods of the sun.

The sky lightens, shadows become details, and the world is seen through the rose coloured glasses of dawn’s first light. There is an inherent calm in dawn’s tinted awakening of the world, a feeling that today is going to be a good day. Light red fades to pink and eases into the mottled white and blue of a clear fall day, making a silent argument that pink in all its hues deserves a bit more respect. Lifting mug to mouth, pausing a little longer in front of the east facing window, it becomes self-evident. Yes, First Light is a thing to be celebrated.

Benjamin Moore has chosen First Light 2102-70 as their colour of the year for 2020. The hue, part of their 2020 colour trends pallette, is a calm, muted tone meant to inspire.

Want to make First Light a part of your home decor, but not sure where to start? A Paint Shop interior decorator would be happy to help.