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Why Choose Silks Paint?

Why should you choose Silks interior paint and primer in one over other brands of paint? Because it’s a durable, quality paint with the ability to hide imperfections while being easy to apply. It also happens to be the Paint Shop’s top selling paint.


Silks paint is made by Benjamin Moore exclusively for the Paint Shop. It’s a better quality paint, landing in the middle of the Benjamin Moore lineup. What does better mean? On a scale of good, better, best, it falls squarely into the better category – it’s a durable, versatile, mid-priced paint. Silks comes in a paint and primer in one and in a ceiling paint.

Hides imperfections

The ability to hide imperfections refers largely to the type of finish selected. Eggshell is a bit glossier than a flat finish but doesn’t have the sheen of a pearl or gloss finish. This relatively low sheen enables an eggshell finish to hide wall imperfections – think small dings or marks – better than a higher sheen finish like pearl or gloss.


Silks is a washable paint, meaning it can handle being wiped down with a damp cloth to remove marks. However, if you’re using a scrub pad or a product sold as a cleaning eraser, go lightly because these products can scratch the paint and, if used too aggressively, could possibly remove paint.

Easy to apply

Silks is a paint and primer in one, so it goes on the wall easily and hides previous colours quite well. For most colours, two coats of Silks will be enough; painting light colours over a really dark colour would be the exception. But the paint is only part of the process. Be sure to purchase a quality brush for best results. To make your brush last, wash it under running water immediately after using it, then clean the brush with a paintbrush comb, spin it between your palms to get rid of excess water, then hang it to dry. For roller work, pick up a 13mm lint-free or microfibre roller refill. The rollers are lint free, but they don’t leave the factory dust free. Running your hand along the roller a few times should get the dust off the roller.

Where is Silks best used in the home?

Silks paint and primer in one works best in bedrooms, living and dining rooms.

Stop by your local Paint Shop to pick one of more than 3,400 Benjamin Moore hues and chat with one of our paint experts about which Silks finish is best for you.