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Do I Need an Underpad? The Flooring Question You Were Afraid to Ask

If you plan to invest in a new laminate floor, it’s important to choose a high quality underlay. The right underlay can aid your floating floor in sounding better, feeling warmer and even extending your warranty. How’s that for added value?

Not all underlay is created equal. A basic underlay will allow laminate floor to float, but that is about it. Consider the following factors to make a smarter choice.

For Damp Basements

In a damp basement where moisture is more likely, look for underlay with a moisture barrier to prevent seeping from underneath.

Installing Over Concrete

When installing laminate over concrete, a vapour barrier is especially important where added moisture is expected.

On Upper Floors

If installing laminate in an apartment or upper floor, you may want to consider those below and choose underlay that offers extra noise reduction, to keep the sound of footsteps from carrying to lower floors.

For Added Warmth

Finally, extra insulation is always a good thing, especially in cold climates and drafty older homes. Choose a thicker underlay if this is a concern.


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