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Makeover Time? Where to Start

Whether it’s a new home, a new-to-you home, or the home you’ve lived in for decades, its important to feel your best in your personal space. But with so many home décor decisions to make, redecorating is not always everyone’s idea of a fun time (I know, we can’t believe it either!)

In new home decor, each room is essentially a blank canvas. That can be overwhelming to think about. Where do you start? If you’re working with existing décor, that can be overwhelming too. What to keep? What to replace? It’s no wonder the question I get asked most often by customers is “Where do I start?”

Put down the paintbrush. It starts way before that. Here are some considerations to help your plan fall in place.

When (re)decorating a room, what do I do first?
  1. If starting fresh, begin by selecting your most permanent (and potentially costly!) items such as cabinets, furniture, flooring, custom drapery and window treatments. These are the things that will form the neutral base or perhaps be the focal point or your masterpiece.
  2. If looking to refresh an existing space, gather items for inspiration. Perhaps a rug, bedding, shower curtain, art, wallpaper, drapery or accent fabric. Use these to get your creative juices flowing and draw your color scheme from. Having these also makes it easier to create a unified look and will help us decorators get an idea of your style and personality, for best results.
  3. Finally, paint! Paint makes the biggest impact in the room and should be chosen to enhance and compliment the décor. When making a major change to a room, look at color schemes for inspiration, but consider your selections from Step #2. It is much easier to find one of the thousands of paint colours to match a fabulous damask drapery, than starting with the wall colour and working in reverse.