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AC Rating: A Laminate’s Durability Score

A laminate is made of many layers, but it’s the ‘wear layer’ at the very top that takes the direct hits, from clacking heels in the hallway to broken dishes in the dining room.

An AC Rating is assigned based on the wear layer’s resistance to these impacts as well as heat and moisture. The higher the AC Rating, the more footsteps and accidents it can withstand.

While a lower rated floor may be less expensive, consider the lifetime of the flooring and especially what room it will go in.

An AC3 rating is the minimum you’ll find in our flooring selection, guaranteeing a long-lasting look for any traffic level in your home.

AC3 Heavy Bedrooms, Home Offices Small Offices, Hotel Rooms
AC4 Heavier Living Rooms, Rec Rooms Offices, Cafes, Salons
AC5 Heaviest Hallways, Dining Rooms Publics Buildings, Department Stores