FREE* Decorating Advice Now Online

Need help renovating your home from flooring to window covers, or just looking for the right colour match for paint? Now you can chat with a Paint Shop decorator from the comfort of your home.

Find help right in your own backyard with the decorator closest to you. Online, you can now review each designer’s portfolio to find a style reference that best matches your personal taste.

Consulting on décor for your home is easy. Pick up the phone to start a conversation, or email with your questions and ideas. Send pics of your current space you’re looking to redesign and even send ‘inspiration’ photos as a design reference. With curbside pickup for all stores, and delivery now available in Nova Scotia and New Brunswick, the Paint Shop can equip you with the flooring, window coverings, paint and tools for your Isolation Renovation.

* Free consultation is limited to one large room, or two smaller adjacent spaces. Potential topics would include: flooring and window covering choices, colour consult based on the Benjamin Moore palette of colours, and matching existing or planned furniture and décor to an overall decorating and colour theme. For larger or whole-home decorating consultations, an additional fee will apply.

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