Sheet Vinyl

Surpassing the Test of Time

Today’s sheet vinyl is more functional – and fashionable – than ever. Get the appearance of ceramic tile, hardwood, or stone floors with affordable, durable, easy-to-maintain vinyl from top manufacturers.

Advances in printing, texturing, and finishing have resulted in unparalleled realism in wood grains or stone details. Sheet vinyl is also now more durable than ever, made with a fibreglass core, which has eliminated many of the bothers of traditional vinyl. The stronger core protects new vinyl from rips, tears, gouges and permanent indentations. It can withstand bending, buckling and creasing and revert unharmed to its original shape when laid flat. Edges fuse easily together for no-show seams and easy fixes. Sheet vinyl is always a great choice for kitchens, bathrooms, laundry rooms and basements.